Varnishes, paints, stains and oils

Wood and wood-based products in unlimited colors.
Good carpenter offers a full range of gloss and special effects. Deep mats and high glosses phenomenally decorate every project
It is especially worth emphasizing the ability to paint elements in the so-called solid, i.e. without visible structural elements.
  • Working on NCS and RAL pallets 
  • Conversion from the PANTONE palette
Lakierowany MDF (po lewej) i fornirowana dębem płyta wiórowa (po prawej)

SILD® Antibacterial Protection

We have a technology developed together with the Rzeszow University of Technology, which allows the painted surface to be equipped with antibacterial properties.
 SILD® Antibacterial Protection is a membrane tested by the Faculty of Chemistry of the Rzeszow University of Technology for 99% effectiveness in protecting and combating the growth of bacteria on the painted surface.
  • Silver ions from the SILD® membrane penetrate into the microorganism cell (1)
  • They then deactivate the respiratory system (2)
  • They then attack the body's DNA, preventing it from reproducing (3)

Painted by us

Good Carpenter will show you the real work! They may not be beautiful visualizations, but they're definitely real work.

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